Melissa's Kitchen

From my kitchen to yours, a series of menus and recipes that are designed to pair perfectly with our wines. 


Menu for December, 2017

This month, I wanted to create a special menu that really celebrates our Old Camp Pinot Noir for our annual Family Holiday Dinner.  I wanted something that would work well with the earthiness of the wine, but I also wanted something that would sit and simmer and really fill my kitchen with the smells of the holidays.  I’m included my recipe for my pork stew, and I’ve paired it with a simple apple and brussel sprout salad (I find green apples work the best) as an appetizer, some mashed potatoes and crusty bread on the side, and for dessert a gingerbread cake that I always make that is topped with candied apples and an oozing caramel sauce.  The whole menu is designed for a lingering meal and one where you as the chef aren’t in the kitchen but able to sit down and enjoy the meal and the wine with your family.  Let me know what you think. I always enjoy hearing from you. -Melissa Alexander


Apple and Brussel Sprout Salad

Pork Stew with Prunes and Armagnac 

Mashed Potatoes

Artisanal Bread 

Gingerbread Cake with Candied Apples and Caramel Sauce