Kick Ranch

Kick Ranch is in Sonoma County’s Rincon Valley, northeast of Santa Rosa. Its hillside site is on the western side of the northern flank of Spring Mountain, which separates Sonoma and Napa Counties. The vineyard soils have an amazing mix of volcanic and other rocks that contributes a rich minerality to wines. Kick Ranch’s vine rows are laid out for perfect sun exposure with a 20 mile vista down to the Petaluma Wind Gap, providing cool nights and foggy mornings, ideal conditions for growing premium wine grapes. Kick Ranch is meticulously farmed by Glenn Aexander and his Bacchus Vineyard Management team. Kick Ranch grows wine grapes for 14 premium Napa and Sonoma wineries, including Sanglier Cellars. www.kickranch.com

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Kemp Vineyard

On a search for their perfect country retreat Alson and Martha Kemp found a heavily forested ridge line property a few miles outside of Healdsburg. Soon they learned from neighbors that vineyards and orchards had been planted there in the early 1900’s and the vineyards were in fact tended during WWII by German prisoners of War. Although long since overgrown by the native plant population, they found the remnants of an old logging road and vineyard. The Kemp’s undertook the challenging prospect of replanting the property in 1999.

Planting was extremely difficult due to the rocky and decomposed sandstone. Very little topsoil exists, forcing the vines to struggle relentlessly to survive and produce a crop. This struggle produces fruit of exceptional depth, color, and flavors. Small berries and clusters are the norm, and the wines from this block are naturally dark and expressive.

Location – Dry Creek Valley, Sonoma County California – Stunning terraced vineyards are located on a ridge line 3.8 miles west of Healdsburg and 15 miles northeast of the Pacific Ocean. The vineyard lies 720′ to 525′ above sea level on a hill sloping to the northeast in a vertical shoot positioned trellis.

Climate – Average summertime high temperatures in the mid 80’s and average low temperatures in the low 50’s. The vineyard has occasional morning fog but usually sits slightly above the fog line. Average rainfall is approximately 42" per year.

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