We farm all of our vineyards sustainably, organically, or biodynamically. We have been farming hundreds of acres of wine grapes for some of Sonoma and Napa County’s best known wineries for many years. From those hundreds of acres we select fruit from just eleven acres. We know those eleven acres intimately, when they are happy, when they struggle, when they need our help. We are able to influence wine quality and grape quality in many ways. These actions include proper sizing of the vine relative to the crop yield, arranging or removing leaves to allow only the desired amount of sunlight to reach the clusters, adding nutrition or irrigation (although we are minimalists in these actions), and removing excess fruit to ensure the remaining clusters ripen evenly and at the desired pace. The last decision we make is when to harvest so that our wines express the best levels of flavor, tannins, and acidity. 

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AVA: Russian River Valley
Soil type: Zamora silty clay loam
Elevation: 120 feet
Trellis: VSP  
Pruning: Cane
Our wines: Wild Tusque Sauvignon Blanc

This is Glenn and Melissa's personal 7.5 acre vineyad at their home in the Russian River Valley. It sits adjacent to Melissa's organic vegetable garden. In 2014, they pulled out the 60 year old zinfandel vines, which were past their prime, and started planting sauvignon blanc musque, semillion, and pinot noir. This vineyard is organic and they are currently working on a biodynamic certification. Sanglier began receiving the sauvignon blanc in 2016 and we couldn't be happier with the finished wines. 

Kick Ranch

AVA: Sonoma County
Soil type: Goulding clay loam, Pleasanton-Haire complex, volcanic
Elevation: 423 feet
Trellis: VSP  
Pruning: Guyot
Our wines: Boar's Camp Cuvée, Wild Tusque Sauvignon Blanc, Touché Grenache

Over a hundred critically acclaimed wines have been made from Dick and Kathy Keenan’s vineyard. For the last 15 years we have farmed some of Sonoma County’s most desired fruit on this geologically diverse site. From Sauvignon Blanc on the steep, rocky south facing slopes, to Grenache, Syrah, and Mourvedre on the gentle sloping bench land soils, this vineyard consistently produces great fruit. These vines are framed by steep hills allowing the cooling night breezes to sweep coastal fog in on most nights that give away quickly each morning to brilliant sunshine.


Old Camp

AVA: Russian River Valley
Soil type: Huichica loam
Elevation: 154 feet
Trellis: VSP  
Pruning: Guyot
Our wines: Old Camp & Russian River Pinot Noir

We planted the Old Camp Vineyard for Ron Stockman and Susan Hubbard in 2006. The vineyard slopes gently toward the southeast promoting excellent drainage of the loamy, rocky soils. We selected a moderately vigorous rootstock to pair with the Pommard and 667 Dijon Pinot Noir Clone. The combination of the slope, the soils, and the row orientation give this Russian River vineyard the ability to produce excellent fruit that consistently shows wonderful notes of strawberry and cherry with earthiness reminiscent of a dense forest floor. 




Henry David Vineyard

AVA: Bennett Valley
Soil type: Goulding cobbly clay loam, speckles loam
Elevation: 804 feet
Trellis: VSP  
Pruning: Guyot
Our wines: Family Reserve & River Tusque Chardonnay, Family Reserve & Emilia's Cuvée Pinot Noir

We began farming this site in 2005 and implemented an intense farming program to grow the best grapes possible. New cover crops, annual composting, and some replanting resulted in a chardonnay and pinot vineyard unrivaled in Bennett Valley. Gently rolling hills, cobbly loam soils, and brisk night time temperatures are the perfect home for these grapes. Replants and grafting allowed us to introduce the heritage pinot clones of Calera and Swan to the vineyard.




AVA: Bennett Valley
Soil type: Los Robles gravelly clay loam, volcanic black glass
Elevation: 623 feet
Trellis: VSP  
Pruning: Cordon and Guyot
Our wines: Sun Tusque Rosé, Jemrose Syrah, Jemrose Grenache

We started farming grapes here five years ago and have been consistently impressed with it as a Bennett Valley site. Wonderfully brisk nights, gentle warm days, rolling hills, and gravel clay loam soils are ideal for premium wine grape growing. The syrah piles steeply off the eastward facing slopes and viognier graces the bottom of the hill. 



AVA: Sonoma Coast
Soil type: Goulding-Toomes complex
Elevation: 1,227 feet
Trellis: VSP  
Pruning: Cane
Our wines: Left Tusque Cabernet Sauvignon

Lichau is truly unique. Facing west, this cabernet planting sits alone on a mountaintop high above the plains that stretch toward the Pacific. To the east is Sonoma Mountain. Catching the late afternoon sun in this cool region is the key to growing this excellent cabernet. Without that extra sunlight at the end of the day the fruit would not get ripe. With the late day sun the grapes get perfectly ripe, developing slowly and gently. Always the last of the season to harvest, the long hang-time allows for extended skin development and delivers amazing depths of flavor.