Our Approach to Winemaking

Over the years Glenn has sustainably farmed more than 30 premier vineyards in Sonoma County. He understands exceptional vineyard sites and focussed farming are the building blocks for all great wines. Spending the season among the vines is the foundational knowledge needed to make the difficult decisions. Decisions about when to pick, fermentation temperatures, oxygen levels in the must, tanning extraction, all the actions that promote the most fragrant aromatics, the richest texture, the deepest of flavor, the freshest and most long lasting finish.

Our dedication to farming provides us with fruit of exceptional balance. Balance achieved because we adjusted the canopy for optimum sunlight and shading, because we organically improved the soils to provide the needed nutrition for the right amount of vigor, because we limited or eliminated irrigation to stimulate lignification, tannin ripening, and flavor while limiting sugar accumulation. No, balance is not achieved easily. And at our winery it is not achieved through the use of additives or chemicals. Our wines are clean, fresh, and pure. The product of hand craft, the product of hard work.

But our winemaking is also about creating wines that are a joy with food. Truly at their best when a part of a wonderful meal with family, with small bites on the back porch with friends in the early evening of a summer day, or a late night snack with the one you love.